President and Founder, Q-Games

Dylan Cuthbert

Dylan was born in London, England. He began programming professionally at age 17 for Argonaut Software Ltd. (now Argonaut Games PLC). Then, via a contract between Argonaut and Nintendo, Dylan moved to Kyoto, Japan to develop a number of revolutionary 3D titles such as X for the Gameboy, and Starfox for the Super Nintendo. He also developed the un-released Starfox 2 for the Super Nintendo.

Afterwards, he began developing for Playstation by joining Sony Computer Entertainment America at their HQ in Foster City, California. During his stay in America he developed the 3D science fiction action hero title “Blasto” before transferring to Sony Japan and moving to Tokyo.

At Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. he jumped onto the fast-track of Playstation2 development and created the famous duck-in-a-bath technical demonstration that received worldwide attention during the Playstation 2’s launch. Here is an interview (japanese only) conducted by B-ing, a major recruitment/employment magazine in Japan.

  • Following hot on the heels of the technical demo, Dylan developed “Piposaru 2001”, a quasi-sequel to “Ape Escape” which was released by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. in July 2001.
  • In August of 2001 Dylan founded Q-Games in Kyoto, Japan.


Since I first started playing with home computers back in 1982 in England, I’ve always been making games on tons of machines-Sinclair ZX-81, Spectrum, BBC Micro, Amiga, Gameboy, Super NES, PC, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation 3. For nearly 25 years, I’ve seen the evolution of these machines and the possiblities therein, and I continued to be surprised even now. However, the thing that remains constant is our dedication to surpassing the limits set before us to improve the quality of graphics and gameplay. To us, this dedication and desire is an absolute must for the game industry.Whether it’s creating a 3D polygon engine for a Game Boy or an occusion shader for a PS3, this idea is of utmost importance. If you feel like you’re ready to break out of your shell and expand the limits of your own potential, then jump into this world of astonishment!