since 2001


Comments from the staff:

Engineering Manager

Gari Biasillo

Being part of the creative environment at Q-Games keeps me enthusiastic and excited on a daily basis. I find the challenges of game development fun and rewarding, and seeing the evolution of a game from start to finish to be an exciting experience.

Graphic Design Manager

Yutaka Kurahashi

I’ve been involved in lots of projects at Q-Games, and they were all fulfilling. However, that doesn’t mean I’m complacent, and I’ve learned that it’s important to always aim to create great games.

Lead Programmer

Ryuji Nishikawa

I feel like the best part of development is that everyone, all the way up to the president, is determined to make something great, and that my work toward that is recognized. Q-Games is the kind of company where this happens.

Senior Researcher

Jerome Liard

It’s been 16 years since I started at Q-Games, and the time has flown by. You only live once, so why not spend your life somewhere interesting? To me, Q-Games is that place. I love being in an environment where high skills are valued and needed, and because of our small size and development time frame, I never get bored. I look forward to my future with Q-Games.

Creative Director


For me the act of creating anything can be summed up as: “making changes while things appear to stay the same” For example, take an old, traditional shop or restaurant where they have a secret sauce and the recipe is carefully handed down generation to generation. Each generation – through their day to day efforts and diligence – are in effect researching and updating the recipe, even if I cannot discern any difference when I go to eat there.

The game industry is like that – what was commonplace technology yesterday is suddenly replaced and is nowhere to be found today. Changes happen quickly.
Q-Games is a place to create games in the midst of this rapid change – and not simply change for change’s sake – the team here seek to make sense of and add value through these changes.
…Which brings us back to the essence of creative endeavor: making meaningful sense of change

Lead Director

Kazushi Maeta

At Q-Games, I have a lot of opportunities to work with lots of amazing people. I get lots of stimulation from both inside and outside the company, and the great thing about Q-Games is that I can use that to make games. My goal is to keep using my experience and knowledge to make games that are fun to play.