since 2001





Age must be 18 or over. Experience rather than college qualifications is considered more important.


Knowledge of standard design methods, illustration and some basic knowledge of 3-D graphics. Experience with 3D tools such as Maya, SoftImage etc. is considered a plus but not absolutely necessary.

Application Materials

Please send us examples of your game design work, preferably on A4 sheets.

List the previous titles you have worked on and your role in their creation.

Please send us any other examples of your work that you think will portray your skills as a planner/game designer.

Please note, however that we cannot return anything sent to us unless it is accompanied with a pre-paid envelope.

Application Method

Please send your resume, a photograph of yourself, examples of your work and a referral contact to the following e-mail address.(Please include the e-mail address)

Contact Address

Feel free to contact us by e-mail.