The Tomorrow Children - Postcards from the Void

Postcards From the Void #9

Glory to all, comrades!


Even if you don’t hear from me every day, progress is being made on rebuilding civilization. To reward your loyalty, we have sent you this care package. We look forward to sharing more details with you soon.

The Administrator

Message from the Devs

Hey everyone,

Will here! We’ve been busy behind the scenes working on some really amazing stuff and I’m looking forward to sharing more information with you in the coming issues.

Thank you to all the Comrades who ordered a t-shirt, we are currently working on shipping out the orders as quickly as we can. To say an extra thank you we are placing a gift into some of the packages so please look out for this when your order arrives to see if you were a lucky order!

The last couple Postcards From the Void covered the history of The Tomorrow Children, I wanted to take a moment to look ahead and share some new information. I’m joined by Pepe, one of the original programmers for The Tomorrow Children to discuss how he and the team are working on modernizing certain elements of the game. Of course everything you see in the video is still a work in progress, and is subject to change, but we hope you enjoy this exclusive look behind the scenes at what’s to come.

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Comrades’ Voice

We asked on Discord about your favorite tracks from The Tomorrow Children. Here are your answers:

Comrade DanisSanchz said:

"Embers Behind Glass" was my favorite. It was the perfect accompanying song for the solitary, calm moments in the game while you explored in and outside of an Island.

Comrade speak-softly said:

“Ceramic Sunrise” - even though it’s so short, it is like drinking fresh squeezed orange juice. The rising trumpets to the crescendo against the baseline is sublime and in my head I always hear a voice saying "a new dawn awaits".

Comrade shuoga said:

I like “The Children of Tomorrow” and “March of Glory”. Whenever I hear “Children of Tomorrow” I always feel as if I’m back. I can also hear the sound of pressing the start button clearly in my head. “March of Glory” is a great song to work hard to!

We are wondering: What kind of merchandise would you like to see for The Tomorrow Children?

Fan Art From the Void

This shot is from iiomonohappy on Instagram. I love the vibe of it, and The Tomorrow Children is joined by some great games!

Fan art of 'The Tomorrow Children'

This sketch is from comanchenativepsn on Instagram. The sketch is quite impressive!

Fan art of 'The Tomorrow Children'

This sketch is from nsdoart on Instagram. It kind of reminds me of some of the early sketches of the game that we showed off in the previous issue.

Fan art of 'The Tomorrow Children'

A Glimpse Into the Void

Screenshot of 'The Tomorrow Children' Screenshot of 'The Tomorrow Children' Screenshot of 'The Tomorrow Children'