The Tomorrow Children - Postcards from the Void

Postcards From the Void #10

Glory to all, comrades!


Our goal of rebuilding humankind is ever closer. Your collaboration has made us stronger, faster and better, and like a phoenix we will rise from the ashes and restore power to our towns, bringing forth life from the Void like we did before.

Review this transmission immediately, it is for your eyes only.

The Administrator

Message from the Devs

Hey everyone,

Will here! Today I’m joined by Akito Takahashi, the Chief Operating Officer at Q-Games, and the “Task Master” of The Tomorrow Children. In today’s episode we are discussing how the development team is actually organized. Takahashi also provides a critical update on how development is progressing! I’m sure everyone is excited to here these news, and we look forward to sharing more details in the very near future.

As always, thanks to our Ambassadors for helping us translate these Postcards into so many languages. If you haven’t already, join our Discord to meet and chat with fellow citizens! The community is incredibly welcoming, and we look forward to seeing you there!

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Comrades’ Voice

We asked on Discord about your favorite characters from The Tomorrow Children, and why. Here are some of your answers.

Citizen JavaDyuke enjoys the mystery:

The public broadcasters, just because we can't see them!

MrRodriPT gave a compelling reasoning behind their pick:

I would say the administrator and the police officers. The administrator looks creepy and sounds like a cold dictator and the police officer because mustache. Look at [the administrator’s] face. He’s beautiful.

DanisSanchz might enjoy the capitalists a bit too much…

The shopkeepers. One of the first characters I interacted with, very nostalgic, as well as they're super charming when they introduce to you the Black Market.

We are wondering: How do you introduce The Tomorrow Children to your friends?

Fan Art From the Void

This piece comes from Pummies on ArtStation. I can just hear the Projection Clone exclaiming, “I’m ready for work!”

Fan art of 'The Tomorrow Children'

This is another piece drawn by comanchenativepsn on Instagram. Your talent is truly inspiring!

Fan art of 'The Tomorrow Children'

Not really ‘fan art’ as these were made by Playstation DE. I wonder if Dylan still has the recipe…? The cookies look really delicious.

Fan art of 'The Tomorrow Children'

A Glimpse Into the Void

Screenshot of 'The Tomorrow Children' Screenshot of 'The Tomorrow Children' Screenshot of 'The Tomorrow Children'