The Tomorrow Children - Postcards from the Void

Postcards From the Void #11

Glory to all, comrades!


As you know, following the unfortunate results of the experiment all life was melted into what we now know as the Void. I thought we had seen every landform, but somehow new islands have begun emerging. We must investigate this immediately!

The Administrator

Message from the Devs

Hey everyone,

We are getting closer and closer to being able to share all the exciting changes that are happening with the re-release of The Tomorrow Children. It’s actually a bit of a disservice to say it’s a re-release, as there is a lot of new content and balance changes that are in the works and we are really proud of what’s happening behind the scenes! The development team are working very hard every day to polish and add new content.

Today, we are excited to share the winners of our recent island design competition! Wait– did we say winners?! Yes, even though we originally planned on adding just one new island design to The Tomorrow Children, we decided to add two (and a half). It was very difficult to narrow the entries down to just one winner and in the end we just couldn’t choose. So we decided, “why not both?”

Without further ado, please watch the video below to learn more about the winning entries!

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Comrades’ Voice

We asked on Discord about what kind of merchandise you would like to see for The Tomorrow Children. Here are some of your answers.

Mindyxhearts stated that they would like to see a jigsaw puzzle! Now the question is, who should be featured on it?

Speak-softly stated that they would like a book of 10 or 20 tear out cards with “Postcards From the Void” as the cover. Sounds like a book we’d like to own!

Nathanbroyles had a really good idea to create a real life Matryoshka Doll inspired by the game. Darnell0216 added that if they were the characters of the town or colors of the dolls in the game it would be really neat and we agree!

We are wondering: How do you introduce The Tomorrow Children to your friends?

Fan Art From the Void

Today we are going to highlight some of the other island design competition entries! It was incredibly difficult to narrow them down as there were so many creative and imaginative ideas. Here are some comments from the development team here at Q-Games: 

This design by Toxi was certainly ‘eye-catching!’. We loved how they took the time to model and draw out their idea in such detail.

Fan art of 'The Tomorrow Children'

Mindyxhearts’s Goldfish design had a unique “frozen in time” feeling to it. Many members of Q-Games really enjoyed this design!

Fan art of 'The Tomorrow Children'

Yamamoto’s design also had a “frozen in time” feeling to it but in a different way. The soap bottles pouring out would make for a really nice island in the distance.

Fan art of 'The Tomorrow Children'

A Glimpse Into the Void

Screenshot of 'The Tomorrow Children' Screenshot of 'The Tomorrow Children' Screenshot of 'The Tomorrow Children'