The Tomorrow Children - Postcards from the Void

Postcards From the Void #18

Glory to all, comrades!


Your diligent work in the Void is commendable. Populations are increasing and towns are expanding. Keep working hard and together we will prevail.

There are still many islands to discover - keep going!

The Administrator

Message from the Devs:

Hey everyone,

We’ve been overwhelmed by your support over the past few weeks. As a small team, it means the world to us.

The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition is available to play right now on PlayStation 4 with enhancements for PlayStation 5, and we’ve been really enjoying seeing your towns come to life. Some of you have been with us since 2014, and it’s a joy to finally welcome you back to the Void.

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We’ve been busy responding to your feedback and have already released a series of game updates. You can check them out over on our shiny new website for The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition. If you have any suggestions or experience any issues, please let us know by using our Player Feedback Form.

We have also prepared a new video to share a selection of tips for getting started in the Void. We hope you enjoy watching!

If you’re playing this week, make sure to join us on our official Discord server to share your town code, speak to us directly and be a part of the conversation. Don’t forget to share screenshots and game clips on social media using #TheTomorrowChildren - we’ll share as many as we can!

Thank you as always, Comrades. See you in the Void!

Fan Art from the Void

Thank you to @NAOKOXX_TTC on Twitter who counted down to the game’s release by creating these incredible character portraits. They combined them into this final image for launch and we absolutely love it! Fanart of 'The Tomorrow Children'

A Glimpse into the Void

Sharing your screenshots from the Void!

Credit:@yuki_hime  Screenshot of 'The Tomorrow Children' Credit:@yuzuwanwan1  Screenshot of 'The Tomorrow Children' Credit:@nksn_jpn  Screenshot of 'The Tomorrow Children'