PS3 “PixelJunk™ Eden Encore”

We’ve gone and added a whole new dimension to PixelJunk™ Eden! This content boost includes five new stages, each with their own innovative visual concept and soundtrack. Along with new trophies to achieve, this expansion pack has it all! On sale now at the PLAYSTATION®Store.

PS3 “PixelJunk™ 3in1 Pack”

The PixelJunk™3in1 Pack, containing PixelJunk™ Racers, PixelJunk™ Monsters, and PixelJunk™ Eden in one package is now on sale.
This product is available in the Asian region (excluding Japan). For details, please see the website of Sony Computer Entertainment Asia.

PS3 “PixelJunk™ 1-3: PixelJunk™ Eden”

PixelJunk™ Eden is a platform action game where players explore organic stages by swinging, and features early support for in-game trophies and video recording.
The unique graphics and music are the work of local Kyoto artist Baiyon. It can be downloaded from the PLAYSTATION® Store.

“PixelJunk™Monsters” Original Soundtrack

A PLAYSTATION®Store first!
Enjoy the sublime musical styling of PixelJunk™ Monsters conveniently packaged as a stand-alone sound track playable on your PLAYSTATION®3 or MP3 player.

PS3 “PixelJunk™Monsters Encore”

By popular demand, we are pleased to announce an expansion pack for PixelJunk™ Monsters.
Loaded with new content: 15 new stages have been added as well new music tracks from Otograph.

Gaia for PS3

Our latest music visualiser, presenting dynamic, stunningly beautiful views of Planet Earth, is now available free on your PS3!
Relaxing and engaging, the Earth visualiser is hard to stop watching. To get the new visualiser, simply update your PS3 System Software to version 2.10 or higher.

PixelJunk™ 1-2: PixelJunk™ Monsters

Already loved by players across Japan, PixelJunk™ Monsters now brings its unique take on the puzzle-simulationgenre to The World! Alongside the simple controls and striking art style, PixelJunk Monsters contains distinctive music from Kyoto composers ‘Otograph’, who have provided a minimalist soundtrack fused perfectly with the atmosphere of the PixelJunk™ Monsters world. This game WON “Best PlayStation Store Game” in’s Best of 2008 game awards.
PixelJunk™ Monsters is now available on the PLAYSTATION® Store!

“PixelJunk™” for PS3

‘PixelJunk™’ Label begins releasing PS3 download games, starting with the first title, ‘PixelJunk™ Racers’ (20/09/2007).
The next titles for release on the PixelJunk label are already in progress. Please look forward to them!

Please visit the official site for more information↓

Game Project for Nintendo DS

“PixelJunk™” for PS3
Currently, we have Nintendo DS title in development. In addition, a new game label called “PixelJunk™” is underway. Please expect detailed announcements about each project to follow later in the year.

Game Prototype for Nintendo DS

We are now developing our next game prototype for the Nintendo DS.