PS3 and Next Generation 3D Technology Research

As always, we are continuing to develop 3d technologies for next generation game consoles. Our most recent technologies, released in November 2006, include the graphics for the PS3 Operating System as well as its musical visualizer.Watch this space for more details of PS3 technology as they are released.

Starfox Command for Nintendo DS

Shipped Starfox Command, a Touch-Generation 3D shooter and strategy game for the Nintendo DS. The Japanese version was released in August 2006, and the North American version one month later. Please visit the official site for more information↓

Game Prototype for Nintendo DS

Development of game prototype for the Nintendo DS.

“Digidrive” for Nintendo GBA Micro

Shipped Digidrive, a very original minigame for the GBA Micro. Digidrive was released to the Japanese market in July 2006 as part of the bitGenerations series from Nintendo.

PSP Technology Research and E3 Demo

Q-Games has been developing technology for use with Sony’s up and coming PSP (handheld playstation). During the course of this research we developed demonstrations of Spherical Harmonic Lighting, a recently developed technique for generating realistically lit 3d scenes. More information on these techniques can be found in the following two papers:

Next-Generation Hardware Game Development

Q-Games spent six months developing technology for a game on a next-generation platform. We developed graphics technology using the latest video cards and PCs to try and emulate at least a small fraction of the performance of next-gen machines.

Development of Two Mini Game Prototypes

Q-Games began work on two original game prototypes. One of which was accepted for full-production by a major publisher and begins full production in August.

Mini Game Project

An interesting idea for a small but fun-packed game was thought up by Q-Games’ members. We began development of a prototype to show to publishers.

Authoring Tool Research and Development

PlaystationBB and XboxLive had started, but content for these services was very difficult to develop for a lot of small companies, requiring knowledge of proprietary scripting systems and other such things. Q-Games developed an authoring tool, codenamed BNAT, that allows content developers to create and edit interactive content in a similar style to Macromedia’s Flash/Shockwave. This tool is set for release to US content developers this year. It was also used to layout and stylise the PSX OS.

Next Generation MMORPG Research and Development

Rather than take the standard approach to MMORPGs, we experimented with different ideas that might appeal more to the average consumer rather than the hardcore. In order to do this, we developed a no. of key technologies, including a natural-looking fractal landscape that generates itself on the fly, and also a detailed weather/planet climate simulator, which used changing data such as wind direction/speed, the passage of the sun, ground thermal induction rates, etc. to generate weather patterns for the game world.