PixelJunk Eden 2 is Getting a Physical Release

PixelJunk Eden 2 is now available through Limited Run Games!

Both the Physical and Collector’s Editions will only be available for a little more than four weeks, so act quickly. Fans of PixelJunk Eden 2 can get the Physical Edition for $29.99 or pick up the Collector’s Edition for $84.99. 

The Collector’s Edition includes a physical copy of PixelJunk Eden 2 on Nintendo Switch, the Garden color chart handbook, a holographic collector’s box, a holographic display sleeve, an art book, the complete PixelJunk Eden series 3-disc soundtrack, lithographic prints, Grimp Silk and diffraction glasses. 

If a vinyl soundtrack is music to your ears, you can also pick one up for $39.99! The vinyl soundtrack design is also revealed for the first time  — a glow-in-the-dark effect with an amazing galaxy print.

PixelJunk Eden 2 OST by Baiyon on 2-LP vinyl mastered at the best possible quality. The vinyl includes two new remixes from the original PixelJunk Eden and is pressed on glow-in-the-dark galaxy vinyl. Includes thick UV printed jacket and inner sleeves. Artwork and Design by Baiyon. 

This is an open pre-order for a limited time. PRE-ORDERS CLOSE ON SUNDAY, JULY 4TH, 2021 AT 11:59 PM EASTERN TIME.



Side A

  1. Become part of this
  2. New eyes
  3. 167 ghianda
  4. Vent blanc

Side B

  2. Ocaso en cenote
  3. Capricious frog

Side C

  1. Schatten im licht
  2. Vista of a desert bird
  3. Snip snip clang clang

Side D

  1. ~HSL()
  2. 637 volpe (Baiyon 2020 Remix)
  3. 3. Summer in winter (Baiyon 2020 Remix)