PixelJunk Scrappers 2.0 Update is Now Available!

The World of Junktown Expands in PixelJunk Scrappers!

Q-Games is proud to announce a major new update to PixelJunk SCRAPPERS. Version 2.0 live now, only on Apple Arcade!

This hyper-stylized futuristic waste-management beat ’em up has a host of both new levels and introduces a brand new gameplay mode that is optimized for touchscreen!

The lovable robot buddy, S.C.R.A.P. finally gets a chance to star in his own adventure! Players will have to weave through trash, trying to collect as much garbage as they can within the time limit. You can compete with your friends and the world on the leaderboards to see who is the greatest garbage collector! 

But that’s not all! We’ve raised the ante, so to speak. Q-Games is doubling down and has created a whole new area for players to enjoy, on the house! The stakes are high as Ichiro, Jiro, Saburo, Shiro, and the other Scrappers must defeat a powerful new boss in order to gain control of Junktown. No bluff — Midtown Sekigahara features new music, new art, and of course more garbage to collect.

New features:

The S.C.R.A.P. Challenge

  • Collect trash with a single swipe!
  • This mode was built with touch screen controls in mind!
  • Command two separate robots at once, and gather trash around the city!
  • Play a different stage with each and every run!
  • Be careful of the time limit!
  • Unique missions that challenge your reflexes.

Midtown Sekigahara

  • Clean up the 5 new stages!
  • A (huge) new boss to take down.
  • A new true ending to unlock.
  • Complete new challenging missions.

EVEN More Content!

  • More options to customize your truck added to the garage.
  • More weapons added to the store!
  • More characters to recruit!
  • Scrappers now supports up to 3 Save Slots!
  • Improved loading time.
  • Icon added to show when a controller is detected.
  • Improved game performance.
  • Trash thrown at the truck will now land more frequently!

About PixelJunk Scrappers

This hyper-stylized futuristic waste-management beat ’em up has you battling through the city streets as you take out the trash, both figuratively and literally – not just for victory, but for the hard-earned trash-catchin’ payday!

Go it alone or in a team of mismatched mechanized trash collectors, as you and up to three others clean up the city streets. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. 

The only problem is, the city isn’t all that welcoming to these refuse-robots, as Junktown’s many gangs and outfits have claimed ownership of the waste. And where robots rule the world, trash is king!