3D Artist

Kyoto, Japan


As a 3D Artist, you are responsible for conveying the Creative Director’s vision of the game to the player. There are many roles included in the role of a 3D Artist.

You will work with a team consisting of a Creative Director, Planners, Producers, and Engineers to create games and worlds adhering to the Creative Direction. Communication and collaboration within a team environment is essential.

Roles Include:

  • Highlevel Storyboarding
  • Mockups and Concepts
  • Texture Art and Environment Art
  • Lighting
  • 2D Artist
  • 3D Modeling of Environments
  • 3D Modeling of Characters
  • 3D Modeling of various in-game assets


An artistic eye and the ability to take a vision to final realized world through various phases of development.

You will need to be able to help establish the artist vision and create the content that populates the game.


An understanding and comfortability with Maya, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Suite, Blender, Z Brush, Substance Painter, Houdini, etc.

As each role of 3D Artist is different, we accept generalists and specialists in the various disciplines.

Application Materials

Please send us examples of your CG/3D Artwork.

List the previous titles you have worked on and your role in their creation.

Please send us any other examples of your work that you think will portray your skills as a 3D Artist.

Please note, however that we cannot return anything sent to us unless it is accompanied with a pre-paid envelope.

Application Method

Please send your resume, a photograph of yourself, examples of your work and a referral contact to the following e-mail address.

Contact Address


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