Gameplay Programmer

Kyoto, Japan


In this position, you will be responsible for programming and scripting gameplay mechanics using game engines such as Unity. In addition to programming to feature specifications, you will be required to improve the overall quality of gameplay yourself to provide the best user experience and pursue the fun of the game.


Age must be 18 or over. Experience as well as college qualifications will be taken into consideration.


Experience in game programming with game engines such as Unity. Even if you don’t have practical experience, self-taught candidates with demos showing their skill set and creativity are welcome to apply.

Application Materials

Describe your past works (games, programs, etc. created by you, gameplay videos, downloadable links, etc.) and the programming languages and game engines you are familiar with. If you worked in a team, please indicate which parts of the gameplay you were in charge of, as well as your innovations and particular points of interest in your contribution. For those with work experience, please also specify the parts of the game titles you were involved in in the past, and the points that you focused on.

Application Method

Please send your resume, a photograph of yourself, examples of your work and a referral contact to the following e-mail address.

Contact Address

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