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Nintendo DSiWare “X-RETURNS”

Q-Games helped develop the Nintendo DSiWare 3D Shooting game “X-RETURNS“. To be released in Japan as of 6/30 (released in North America as “X-Scape ” on 2010/5/31). Visit Nintendo’s official site for more details.The development staff for the new DSiWare title X-RETURNS has been interviewed in the July edition of N.O.M. (Nintendo Online Magazine). *Japanese only

DSiWare “Reflect Missile”

Q-Games helped develop the Nintendo DSiWare puzzle game “Reflect Missile“. To be released in Japan as of 1/20 (released in Europe on 2009/11/2 and in North America as “Trajectile” on 2010/1/4). Visit Nintendo’s official site for more details.

PS3 “PixelJunk™Shooter”

The fourth game in the PixelJunk™ Series, PixelJunk™ Shooter mixes addictive shooting action with incredible fluid dynamics to create an entirely fresh gaming experience. Explore deep into a cavernous underworld as you search for survivors, weave between streams of lethal liquids, and contend with countless mysterious creatures.
Proudly continuing the series’ traditions of strikingly crisp visuals and smooth, deep gameplay, PixelJunk™ Shooter also boasts an outstanding soundtrack from Britain’s ‘High Frequency Bandwidth’.
PixelJunk™ Shooter is on sale now in America, Europe and Asia from the PlayStation Store.

DSiWare “Art Style: DIGIDRIVE”

Developed the Nintendo DSiWare puzzle,action game Art Style: DIGIDRIVE (released in Europe as “INTERSECT” on 2009/10/2 and in North America on 2009/11/16). This is the DSiware rebirth of the 2006 GBA title of the same name. For more details, check out Nintendo’s official site.

PSP “PixelJunk™Monsters Deluxe”

PixelJunk™ Monsters, the popular PSN classic, has officially gone portable with Q’s new PixelJunk™ Monsters Deluxefor the PSP! Deluxe features all the stages from previous versions, along with with new towers, new enemies, and new music tracks! As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve added a whole new island featuring over 10 stages! Last but not least, this time you can play Ad Hoc Mode with a friend, or Online Mode with other PJM fans from around the world! Available in North America, Europe, and Hong Kong from 10/1 and in Japan from 11/1

PS3 “PixelJunk™Exibition”

The PixelJunk™ Exhibition is Q’s own virtual gathering place for PJ fans in PlayStationHome. Exhibiting various odds and ends from the PixelJunk™ series, it’s a great place to meet new people, pick up the latest PixelJunk™ attire, and of course, dance! Currently available to Japanese PSN account holders. (European and US accounts also planned).

PS3 “PixelJunk™Monsters Dynamic custom theme “

Enjoying the new 3.0 firmware update for your PS3? We are extremely proud to announce that one of the cooler features included in the update, dynamic themes, was developed right here at good old Q-Games! Along with the groundwork, we also made our very own theme based on the classic Monsters franchise. For $2.00 you can have the TikiMan frolic across your HDTV!

PS3 “PixelJunk™ Eden Encore”

We’ve gone and added a whole new dimension to PixelJunk™ Eden! This content boost includes five new stages, each with their own innovative visual concept and soundtrack. Along with new trophies to achieve, this expansion pack has it all! On sale now at the PLAYSTATION®Store.

PS3 “PixelJunk™ 3in1 Pack”

The PixelJunk™3in1 Pack, containing PixelJunk™ Racers, PixelJunk™ Monsters, and PixelJunk™ Eden in one package is now on sale.
This product is available in the Asian region (excluding Japan). For details, please see the website of Sony Computer Entertainment Asia.

PS3 “PixelJunk™ 1-3: PixelJunk™ Eden”

PixelJunk™ Eden is a platform action game where players explore organic stages by swinging, and features early support for in-game trophies and video recording.
The unique graphics and music are the work of local Kyoto artist Baiyon. It can be downloaded from the PLAYSTATION® Store.