Island Design Competition and The Tomorrow Children Merchandise

Island design competition and the tomorrow children merchandise

This is Will from Q-Games, and I wanted to give everyone a quick update on The Tomorrow Children. Last week, in our newsletter, we had two surprise announcements. For the first time, official t-shirts would be sold to celebrate the return of The Tomorrow Children! We essentially sold out within 12 hours of launching the t-shirt, much to our surprise!

The second announcement was that we would hold an Island Design Contest. Fans of TTC can leave their lasting impact on the game by designing an island that if selected, will be implemented into the game! I look forward to seeing everyone’s design, and we’ve already had some great ones come in. We had an issue with the first two days with the email, so if you sent your design during the first 48 hours please send it in again! For more details, check out the landing page of the contest.

We are excited by your passion and love for the franchise, and I’m stoked to share more news with you in 2022. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter, as we have a lot of great things in the works for 2022!