2021 March

Google Stadia PixelJunk Raiders

Q-Games is excited to reveal PixelJunk Raiders, on Google Stadia. Battle your way through treacherous environments as you save Planet Tantal from the menace of a mysterious solar system-sized Quantum Anomaly harvesting the life energy in this 1970s Pulp Sci-Fi inspired action-adventure rogue-lite!
PixelJunk Raiders is exclusively developed to take full advantage of Stadia’s revolutionary features such as State Share and device-agnostic streaming capabilities.

With Stadia’s State Share feature, you’re never alone in your fight to save Planet Tantal. Prepare and deploy Imprints to defend against and hinder your enemies, but they aren’t just there for you to use! Share your Game State with your friends and let them experience the same challenge from the beginning, but with the extra help of the Imprints, you placed. They can, in turn, place more Imprints and share those with other players too, in an ever-continuing chain of cooperation. This is truly a one-of-a-kind asynchronous multiplayer experience that has to be seen to believe!
Check out the game trailer here!