Announcing The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition

Dylan Cuthbert, Game Director on The Tomorrow Children and CEO at Q-Games here and it’s my absolute pleasure to introduce you to a project that’s been a long time in the making… The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition!

Social action meets exploration

Today marks an incredibly special day for our team here in Kyoto, as we reveal full details of our game’s revival and invite you to step back into the Void to pick up where we left off with the original release of The Tomorrow Children. We’ve prepared a trailer and some exclusive screenshots for you to check out, so I hope you enjoy a glimpse of what’s to come.

So why Phoenix Edition? Well, the mythical bird that rises from the ashes seemed an appropriate image for the years-long project we embarked on to resurrect The Tomorrow Children for our fans, who never gave up on the game even after it went offline.

Later this year we’ll be returning to the alternate reality we left behind, with the task of restoring humanity placed firmly back in your hands. Explore 40+ islands to mine resources, discover treasure and begin rebuilding what was lost, all while collaborating with players online to design the perfect town for your newly recovered population to live in.

A new experience rises from the Void

Since acquiring the rights for The Tomorrow Children last year, we’ve been working hard to make the Phoenix Edition a refreshing experience for both new and returning players alike. We’ve focused on improvements to help new players get started, made changes based on feedback from veteran players and added in a series of new islands, items and ways to play. You’ll see other players more often whilst working together, experience original islands in different ways and have more control over town construction than ever before.

One of the biggest changes we made was reverting the game back to its original design to provide a premium experience. We listened to community feedback and worked hard to find a way to ensure that The Tomorrow Children could remain playable indefinitely, and as part of this change we have removed its reliance on a central server. We’ve also removed microtransactions which in turn has allowed us to rebalance the game in exciting new ways.

I’ve personally been leading the programming effort to polish even the tiniest little corners, and myself and the team have been really enjoying ourselves. We can’t wait to see you all in the game too, especially those who perhaps didn’t really get a chance to play it properly back in the day. The atmosphere of The Tomorrow Children is truly unique and I hope I can visit all your towns when the Phoenix Edition launches.

We’ve got a lot more to share in the coming months and you can stay up to date with the latest news by signing up to the game’s newsletter, connecting with us on Twitter and joining our official Discord server. I’m in there almost daily and it’s a lot of fun being back with The Tomorrow Children community!

The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition will launch later this year on PlayStation 4 with enhancements for PlayStation 5 and I can’t wait to welcome you into the future of tomorrow.