Arctic Explorer DLC Arrives for The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition December 1st

Wrap up warm with new winter DLC and in-game Black Friday events

NOVEMBER 18 2022, KYOTO, JAPAN – Independent development studio Q-Games today announced a series of updates for The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition, including new DLC and details of the next seasonal in-game event. The Arctic Explorer DLC Pack will launch December 1st alongside an Ultimate Bundle, and includes a series of exclusive winter themed costumes, bags and avatars.

The PlayStation cult-classic launched as a console exclusive earlier this year and Q-Games have continued to support the online social action game with regular updates and new content. The upcoming Arctic Explorer DLC Pack includes 10 additional winter-themed costumes and 12 stylish bags, alongside new exclusive PlayStation avatars. 

Players looking for a full fashion overhaul can choose the Ultimate Explorer Pack which also launches December 1st, containing both the previously released Island Explorer Pack and brand new Arctic Explorer Pack. With a total of 20 costumes, 22 bags, exclusive avatars and a bundle discount, a new winter wardrobe is just around the corner!

Q-Games also revealed details of the next seasonal in-game event; the Black Market Bonanza, which will run from 21st – 30th November. Players can pocket big discounts on the in-game Black Market store, with high-grade tools available for a fraction of their usual price. The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition includes no microtransactions and all in-game items are available exclusively using Freeman Dollars, which are earned through exploration, collaboration and discovery and are not purchased using real-world currency.

To celebrate the Black Market’s rock-bottom prices, The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition will play host to a rare challenge event on November 26th. Throughout the day a golden Bankrotz will make its way through the Void, with big rewards available to anyone able to take down this rare and powerful colossus.

Update overview:

  • Arctic Explorer Pack launches December 1st
  • Discounted Ultimate Explorer DLC Pack launches December 1st
  • Black Market Bonanza event runs 21st – 30th November
  • Save 30% across items on the in-game Black Market
  • Purchase rare items not usually available on the Black Market
  • Take on the Golden Bankrotz challenge on November 26th