PixelJunk Scrappers 1.2 Update

Q-Games is proud to announce a major new update to SCRAPPERS in the form of version 1.2 live now, only on Apple Arcade!

This hyper-stylized futuristic waste-management beat ’em up has a host of both new game-play features and quality of life improvements to aid in battling through the city streets!

You no longer have to go it alone in single player as we’ve added S.C.R.A.P, your friendly little robot buddy, always there to lend you his friendly little robot hand!

This little bot will assist you in collecting trash, as well as throw it to you to increase the stack combo count, just like co-op partners in multiplay! While not a combatant itself, S.C.R.A.P will deposit garbage for you while you’re preoccupied with unruly street thugs!

But that’s not all! We’ve also changed up the Overclocking feature in the form of the Overclock Bot! Now this colorful character will periodically enter the stage. All you have to do is attack it’s fiery bubble to “pop” the Overclock charge and temporarily boost your character’s speed, stacking limit and attack power!
What’s more, the Overclock Bot isn’t just for single-player! It’s in cooperative multiplay too!

Core features:

S.C.R.A.P the A.I Buddy 

  • It will automatically collect and pass the garbage to the player, as well as deposit garbage while you fight.

Overclock Bot

  • The boost function “Overclock” for single-player is now available in multiplayer.
  • Break the balloon of cute support Robo “Overclock Bot” and power up all of your friends!

Party code and random matching

  • Share your six-digit code with your friends so you can enjoy multiplayer right away and at any time.
  • With random matches, you can easily play with other players who have selected the same option.

Auto Catch

  • “Auto catch” enables players to grab and stack garbage without controller input, a feature to ease new players into the game.
  • Auto Catch can be toggled on and off as part of the in-game menu.

Garbage loot tiers

  • Garbage now has different colored values that indicate monetary value, allowing you to optimise your haul!
  • Garbage now comes in Normal, Heavy, Special and Enemy varieties, just don’t overburden yourself too much!

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