The Tomorrow
Children LINE Stamps Now Available!

Q-Games is pleased to announce that we’ve created our
very own set of LINE stamps featuring The
Tomorrow Children
! The stamps are available on the Creators Market at the
following link:


Let the voice of the people and your comrades be heard with these fun

Q-Games, LTD.


is a game development studio located in Kyoto, Japan and founded by president
Dylan Cuthbert, well known for his work on the Super Nintendo classic StarFox.
The studio will be celebrating its fifteenth year of operation this summer, and
has worked on more than twenty acclaimed titles including a number of AAA
franchises including StarFox, but is most well-known for the PixelJunk series
and the pinnacle of tower defense, PixelJunk Monsters. Their latest and most
ambitious project to date is The Tomorrow Children which was released September
6th 2016


Bldg. 5F, Watayacho 525, Nakagyo-ku

Japan 604-8181

Please contact for
any questions or follow-up requests.

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