New Islands Revealed for The Tomorrow Children

A fierce hippo escaping the Void and a retro-futuristic robot are some of the new islands coming to the revival of The Tomorrow Children

Independent development studio Q-Games today announced the winners of their Island Design competition to celebrate the return of PlayStation cult hit The Tomorrow Children. The winning designs will be brought to life within the rebirth of the game when it launches on PlayStation 4 with enhancements for PlayStation 5 later this year.


Following the acquisition of The Tomorrow Children IP from Sony Interactive Entertainment, Q-Games confirmed plans to release a revamped version of the game with a range of new content, including elements directly inspired by the community. As part of this initiative, fans were invited to submit designs for their dream in-game island, with two winning entries being hand selected by the game’s director Dylan Cuthbert. The winners will now see their concepts take shape within The Tomorrow Children, with early designs already being shared by the art and design team at Q-Games.

As a collaborative adventure game set within an alternate future, The Tomorrow Children thrives upon player creativity and the encouragement to work together to build a town and infrastructure that can support the return of civilisation. The breath-taking world is set within ‘The Void’ and is made up of a series of surreal and  distinguished islands, offering much-needed access to resources and supplies. The two winning island designs; ‘Gluttony Hippo’ by Sasadango and ‘Wrong Batteries’ by Eugene Masharov, will materialize from the Void for the first time when the game launches later this year.


Watch the video below to hear from from the team about how they selected the winning designs.

Design entries were submitted by fans of The Tomorrow Children from across the world and included physical sculptures, elaborate drawings, 3D models and photographs. The winning entries are starkly different in style, yet perfectly capture the enigmatic essence of The Void that they will soon be shown to rise from. 


Dylan Cuthbert, Game Director and Founder of Q-Games said: “The return of The Tomorrow Children is a really special occasion for the team here at Q-Games, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the continued support of our players. We wanted to provide a wholly unique experience whilst incorporating a timeless monument to the community spirit that drove our return to The Void, which is how the Design Competition was born.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners; Eugene and Sasadango. We felt that their concepts were a perfect fit for The Tomorrow Children both in design and theme, and we’re really excited to bring them to life in game. We look forward to sharing them with you later this year.”

The Tomorrow Children will return to PlayStation 4 with enhancements for PlayStation 5 later this year as a premium title with peer to peer multiplayer support and a host of new features. Regular updates are being shared by the team at Q-Games through their newsletter, including interviews, exclusive preview footage and early access to the latest news.




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