The Wonder Boy series is really special. It took the whimsy of Mario and the seriousness of Zelda. Well sort of anyway but that isn’t the point. The point is it has a very special place in many of our hearts. Now to speak in first person dammit.

I’m Mark from Q-Games by the way.

I grew up with Wonder Boy. It was incredible! Non-linear adventuring PLUS platforming? I was sold. While my friends were having slow turn-based random battles, I was running and jumping.

Last year, I was even lucky enough to meet a few of the developers of the reboot. I didn’t know what to expect from someone working on a licensed game but I was definitely thrown off by their passion. The love and dedication to both the series and their game was uncanny. Holy f-word, was it uncanny. I always fancied myself as historian on the series. NOPE. They were encyclopedic with that shit. These were the guys.

I’m really glad the series is in the right hands. I’m excited to play it. This means a lot. Thank you for making something beautiful.