This week on Q-Games TV we’ll be continuing our PS1 retro lookback! 

Episode 19: Monstrous Farming! We’ll show off our battle prowess in Monster Rancher 2, then have some fun with Rakugaki Showtime, an Enix arena fighter!

7/27 (Wednesday) 10:00 JST 7/26 (Tuesday) 21:00 EST/18:00 PST

Episode 20: Gourmet & Guitar! We’ll start off with Ore no Ryori, a cooking game release only in Japan, then finish with UmJammer Lammy, the spiritual successor to Parappa the Rapper!

7/29 (Friday) 10:00 JST 7/28 (Thursday) 21:00 EST/18:00 PST

See you soon!